I felt very encouraged and at ease during my appointments with Carole. She was both professional and approachable and I felt she was genuine. I received different types of therapy from her all of which have proved to be of benefit to my life. - Paul C

Dear Kelley, I have been a smoker for quite a number of years and have tried to quit on numerous occasions but to no avail. 17 months ago I became aware of hypnotherapy to stop smoking and contacted yourself,(I should have done it years ago). After one session with Kelley it was enough to break the habit and i have never touched another cigarette since. I feel now i am not an ex-smoker but a non-smoker. I would recommend your therapy to anyone. Thank-you for your help and expertise. - K.

I had struggled with a weight issue for many years. I had tried many different methods of both losing the weight and then maintaining that weight loss which can often be the hardest thing. I tried the hypnotherapy and discovered a truly relaxing experience which to my amazement after a few days I found myself making the right food choices and not being tempted to either overeat or go off my diet plan. This determination has remained with me. The hypnotherapist Kelley Peeling took the time to understand my issue and we very soon had that rapport. I found it really easy to go into a deeply relaxed state of mind as I listened to her soothing voice. I enjoyed the sessions and it was great to feel supported as my weight came off. - C. (Leeds)

Before having confidence hypnosis I was shy and not very outspoken, I would let opportunities pass me by. Since having the therapy I feel like I have the confidence to speak up, get across my point of view and take action. It has also helped me when socialising not only at work but outside of work as well. Kelley was excellent, I would recommend and already have recommended her to friends and family. - J.B

For anyone considering having rieki I would highly recommend Kelley Jayne Peeling. I had my first experience of a reiki massage last week and it was out of this world. Truly deeply relaxing and I have felt amazing since. - L.G.

After my first reiki session with Carole I felt the most relaxed I had been in a long time. I also left feeling completely energised. I have returned for other treatments that have also been very beneficial. I would definitely recommend Carole to others, she is warm, professional, attentive and really makes a difference. Whenever I have seen her I never feel rushed and feel she genuinely cares about my wellbeing. - B.A.